Bettina Schultz-JobeBettina Shultz-Jobe, MA, NCC, LPC – USA

Bettina is a licensed and certified mental health counselor with extensive training and experience using therapies known to be effective in the treatment of trauma. She has effectively incorporated Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for over 10 years to treat clients with significant trauma histories. As co-founder of Natural Lifemanship and the author of a seminal research study on EAP, she is committed to including horses in the therapy process in ways that are evidence-based and backed by sound research. This has contributed to a model in which every aspect of the horse, including its psychology and its physiology, is employed very intentionally to help clients heal from the psychological and the physiological insults of trauma. Bettina extensively trains and supervises therapists and therapy teams that are using Natural Lifemanship and/or who are seeking certification in TF-EAP™. Together with Tim Jobe she is also supporting a growing cadre of certified Natural Lifemanship trainers. Tim and Bettina have co-authored multiple books and papers and are widely sought after speakers and trainers in the world of trauma treatment and EAP. They live in Liberty Hill, Texas where they raise dogs, chickens, horses and a toddler.