A Horse is a Horse of Course Part 1A Horse is a Horse of Course Part 2Compendium Part 1 & Compendium Part 2 are now available for purchase at Amazon, and several other resellers, as paper back and/or Kindle version.

Both volumes contain articles from the speakers' presentations from the 1st International 2017 symposium, as well as a variety of other internationally known and experienced contributors from a wide range of different organizations, models and research areas within the field of equine science and equine assisted therapies and activities.

All revenue from selling this year's compendium and coming compendiums goes in total to fund research in the fields of Equine Assisted Therapies and Equine Welfare, via MiMer (www.mimercentre.org) - a goverment controlled research fund.


Isn't it amazing what we can accomplish when we all work together?! So far the sale of both “A Horse is a Horse, of Course” compendiums/books from 2017 has generated over 2100 E (2500 USD, 1850 GBP, 21500 SEK)! Money that goes straight and untouched into a research fund for doing research on equine assisted therapy and equine welfare. Thank you all who contributed with chapters to last year's "A Horse is a Horse, of Course" books, and thank you all who are contributing to this year's book – that is in the process of being layouted and put out their for sale. Keep an eye on this page and you will know when it hits Amazons's “shelfs”. In the meantime – keep on buying 2017's books – they are an amazing resource for anyone who wants to learn more about equine welfare, equine science, equines in general – and foremost equine welfare in equine assisted therapies and programs – and in the bargain – you get 24 different author's perspectives, experiences and knowledge on working in EAA and/or with equines and get to be inspired by their work.