Day Three: July 13, 2017

epona domengèsEpona Domengès, Equine Specialist, Psychotherapist - France

Epona has been passionate about horses all of her 47 years. After graduating as an engineer, she began a successful career as a management consultant. At the age of 31, she drastically decided to dedicate her life to the horses. After 20 years of riding schools, she learnt the Equestrian Art from the 18th century while completing 3 years training as a corporal psychotherapist. This led her to create two home made methods: the Alternative Equitation (Dressage Bitless and Bareback) and the Equestrian Artherapy (a Personal Development tool), 12 years ago. She started training horses and helping people in a never ending quest for harmony, in the north of Spain. She settled in the South of Portugal 7 years ago, where she found paradisiacal living conditions for her herd that is composed of 18 stallions, sharing big open spaces in freedom. Since last year, she focuses her activities on awaking consciousness about horse’s characteristics and needs, in all people who have any kind of personal or professional relation with them.