Esta BernsteinEsta Bernstein – US

Esta is the Founder and CEO of Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc., a horse rescue in Los Angles. Esta was born and raised in Connecticut into a family that owned racehorses. During her early ears, racing was in her blood and in her 20’s moved to Los Angeles to become a trainer, where she worked under the supervision of hall of fame trainer and family friend, Bobby Frankel. A series of events forced her to leave that lifestyle and she perused other equine modalities, including the body, mind, and soul healing of horses, specifically with her own horse Caleyndar. Caleyndar became a world famous Arabian that was featured in Robert Vavra's “Horses of the Sun” and National Geographic’s documentary “The Nobel Horse.” He was also featured on many of artist Kim McElroy’s portraits, note cards, and other Leanin' Tree publications, as well as Ron Kimball’s images used for screensavers and wallpaper. In 2004, he won the Arabian Horse Times, Most Classic Contest and his image can currently be seen in ads for Arabian Horse World’s web design services.
A critical injury that Caleyndar came with, lead Esta into the world of equine holistic nutrition and rehabilitation. Because of Esta's well known success with healing Caleyndar, and dedicating over 20 years educating herself in these fields, she has become a go to person across the country when other horse owners need information on assisting and rehabilitating injured horses.

Esta designed her own equine therapeutic program entitled “Equalia Actualization,” that embodies the wisdom, knowledge, and spirit of the horses, combined with some of the theories of psychologist Abraham Maslow, which refers to an enlightened maturity characterized by the achievement of goals, acceptance of oneself, and an ability to self-assess in a realistic and positive way. Equalia Actualization was developed after seeing a need to bring rescued horses and people together, so that we as a species could see the real value of horses. A rescued horse knows first hand what mental, emotional, and physical trauma is, and when they are allowed the freedom to express their wisdom, they enlighten the way to the kingdom inside all of us.

Additionally, Esta is in post production of her documentary “Changing Horses” As the producer/director of this film, Esta is uncovering the depths of the horse/human dynamic from people all over the globe. The film explores the personal stories of how horses change people, so people can change the world. Through interviewing prominent individuals in the equine community, we discuss some very complex issues regarding our human value systems, and how we can adjust our societal beliefs to ensure our survival as a species.