Day Two: August 24, 2018


Eva Balzer

Eva Balzer – Germany

Eva Balzer has 12 years of consulting experience with large corporations. An avid student, she started studying alternative healing methods for animals in 2003 and has owned her own practice since 2009 (Herzensschule – School of the Heart). Her training includes studies in animal healing, TCM acupuncture, osteopathy, craniosacral work, animal communication, and energy and shamanic work, kinesiology, homeopathy and Reiki, coaching and consulting, and Gestalt systemic constellation work. Within the field of equine-facilitated learning, Eva has trained and mentored with Kathleen Barry Ingram (co-founder of the Eponaquest Approach) and trained in the HEAL method developed by Leigh Shambo in the USA. She also wrote a book on EFL for leadership, "Pferdebegleitete Persönlichkeitsentwicklung für Führungskräfte – Führung im Einklang mit Herz und Verstand" (EFL for leadership – leadership in harmony with your heart and your brain). Since 2015 she lives with her family and a herd of 8 horses of different breeds, genders, ages and backgrounds on an organic farm in lower Saxony, where she offers trainings and seminars.