Heather GuntherHeather Gunther & Eve Ellis - US 

Heather Gunther and Eve Ellis are the creators of Accessing Equanimity: the path of the horse. Together they train coaches, therapist, horse lovers, and those who simply know the power of the horse how to facilitate greater connection and transformation with horses by implementing cutting-edge research in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Mindfulness, Nervous System Regulation, Attunement, and more.

Both Heather and Eve run thriving private practices at Medicine Horse Program in Boulder, CO where both serve children and families in addition to training the next generation of therapists. While Eve grew up riding horses in Ireland, Heather came to horses later in life as a result of her own transformational experience with horses. Together, they use their unique skills as Synergetic Play Therapists, Wilderness Therapists, Gestalt trained therapists and Equine Coaches and Counselors to foster empowerment in all areas of life for both humans and equines.