Day Two: April 26, 2019

irena Irena Gubina - Slovenia

Irena Gubina is a riding instructor, a graduate of Ethology Academy SA, employed as co-therapist and chief horse trainer in an EAP/EAL programme in Youth Health Resort Rakitna - Slovenia, EAGALA member, and a student of Evolutive Naturopathy.
After experiencing many areas of equine sports (show jumping, turf, harness race, dressage) in order to get the insight into horse training techniques, she decided to carve her own path in search for a holistic approach to horse training in a direction of a healthy, reciprocal and beneficial interaction between human and horse. As a Lipizzaner breeder, she started to listen and learn with young Lipizzaners through straightness techniques and bitless riding. Her work is composed of intrinsically woven elements of sensitive guidance by controlling and directing energy/breath, body awareness, synchronicity and above all empathy and tactfulness of the handler/rider to absorb responses and apply suggestions in any given mo(ve)ment. Above stated qualities represent a learning and growing path for the handler/rider's personality as well as for the horse. Her approach aims to continuous learning and encapsulates all three requirements (healthy, reciprocal, beneficial) Irena has set for herself. Her work is successfully applied in many areas, horse training/correction, riding school, equine assisted therapy for children and youth, EAL for groups, and tourism. The base setting that contributes to prosperous work with horses under those guidelines is a healthy living environment, herd setting, and a cooperative community attitude.