Leanne NieforthLeanne Nieforth, BS, MS student – US

Leanne Nieforth has been working in the EAP/EAL field for the past 6 years. She has training in both the TF-EAP and PATH modalities. Currently she serves as the Equine Manager at CORRAL Riding Academy in North Carolina, USA. At CORRAL, high-risk teenage girls (many of whom have experienced significant trauma) are paired with rescued horses for transformational life change in a wrap-around program that consists of equine assisted psychotherapy, mentorship and academic services. In addition to her direct contact with clients, Leanne has been researching the efficacy of EAP at North Carolina State University. She graduated from North Carolina State University as a Park Scholar with a BS in Animal Science in 2016. She is now a graduate student in the Masters of Communication program, specifically focusing on the communication and interaction patterns between humans and animals. In addition to her research and practice, she is a Level 3 Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner and avid horsewoman. Her philosophy around working with horses is centered on maintaining a healthy relationship with the creation of a shared language between the horse and the human.