Maja TarkaMaja Tarka, PhD, post-doctoral fellow (Norway)

Maja Tarka is an evolutionary biologist with a doctorate in animal ecology from Lund University. Originally from Poland, she has spent most of her life living in Sweden and is currently pursuing post-doctoral work at Trondheim University in Norway. She is investigating how wild populations differ in their ability to evolve, depending on specific traits, selection types, life histories and ecological settings. She is a board member of MiMER (Minds in Motion Education and Research Centre), an organization raising funds to support research into equines and the human-equine bond. Maja is an avid spokesperson for bettering the living conditions of equines, by spreading knowledge and a better understanding of their needs. She has had a great interest in horses for her entire life, and was fortunate to rescue a mistreated riding school horse from slaughter a few years ago. He is still her friend and teacher.