Marlene Du PlessisMarlene du Plessis, BL, Diplomat Clinician Logotherapist – South Africa

Marlene was born and raised in South Africa and currently in the process of relocating abroad. Together with her team member, a registered Clinical Psychologist, she is part of a therapeutic team offering Equine and Nature Assisted facilitation and therapy to especially clients with psychiatric dual diagnosis and/or those that has experienced trauma, as well as group sessions to children with emotional and learning difficulties. Being trained to a holistic approach towards the human-nature relationship, Marlene also has a sound understanding and knowledge of human behavior. She is EAGALA Advance certified and has completed various other trainings in both human and animal interaction, such as TIR, Addiction Counselling, Bully Prevention, Advance Animal Assisted Activity therapy, Animal Behaviour (Equine), Natural Lifemanship, Psychology and NLP.