Megan DushinMegan Dushin - US

Megan Dushin is a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner and Equine Specialist. She provides equine bodywork to help improve performance and overall well-being, while also helping people learn how to practice this deeply respectful approach to serving horses in equine-assisted activities and therapy (EAAT) programs. Megan grew up on a horse farm in New York and grew up with horses in a US Pony Club and therapeutic riding foundation run by her mother. As an adult, she worked in the disability field as a direct care advocate, paraprofessional aide in schools, and EAAT volunteer. Megan also enjoys learning and practicing mindfulness and body awareness techniques - a perfect supplement to her practice. Having experience with her own healing, horses, and in the human services helps her see the unique value of using The Masterson Method as an equine assisted activity or therapy.