Michelle Holling BrooksMichelle Holling-Brooks - US

Michelle has over 20 years of experience working as a certified Equine Professional and
Coach in the field of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy, specializing in working with
clients to heal trauma, post-traumatic stress, and attachment issues. After a life
threatening illness at the age of thirteen changed Michelle’s life and body, a horse named
Schedule A helped her heal her body, mind, and soul. Since then, her life's passion is to
share the lessons horses have taught her about healing and personal growth with her
clients and other professionals. One of Michelle's values is also to always be learning and
deepening her own growth so she can have more tools in the toolbox to serve her clients
- this includes over 20 years of training with a number of organizations in the field
including (but not limited to): EAGALA, PATH, and Natural Lifemanship; certifications in
Mindfulness and Life Coaching; she's a Reiki Master and teacher; and studies/training in
Trauma, PST, and attachment work. In 2018, Michelle fused the knowledge and
the experience she has developed over her life in horsemanship and working with clients into
founding Equine Partnered Psychotherapy and Coaching (EPPC) - a model for training
and teaching professionals in the equine assisted activities and therapies field how to
partner with horses to create lasting change and true healing. She believes that horses
provide us all with the gift of awareness, the kindness of unconditional love, and an open
challenge to us as humans to step into our own empowered voice.