Nicola MahonNicola Mahon, MA (Psychology, MS (Social Work) – Netherlands

Nicola combines her clinical graduate studies with a passion for horses to provide equine-assisted therapy using the EAGALA and TAAC models. A former schoolmaster, she worked at a dressage arena to provide confidence-building sessions for youth. After handling a wide variety of horses, Nicola found herself at a crossroads, deciding whether to concentrate on deepening her knowledge as a mental health specialist or to expand her skills as an equine specialist. Following her heart, she chose to focus her cross training to gain as much awareness of her equine partners as possible. This included pursuing training in Tellington TTouch, which quickly became a foundational way of life in approaching horses in a considerate and conscious way. She now works on a weekly basis using TTeam to support the horses around her and incorporates it into her therapy work with clients. Her company, Breakthrough Equi-coaching, offers programs for corporate stress management, women facing change and transition, teacher support, and bullying awareness and support.