The program for 2018 is highly interesting for all people interested of, and concerned about equine welfare and wellness. Have a look!

Day One will explore equines in depth, taking into consideration biological, cognitive, psychophysiological and behavioural traits and dynamics, drawing from the fields of cognitive science, trauma neuroscience and ethology. Perspectives drawn from TTouch and the Learning Animals models of mammalian sentience and interspecies interactions will also be provided.

Day Two will explore equine welfare in equine interaction programs - in particular, within Natural Lifemanship, the Eponaquest Approach, EQUUSOMA Equine-Facilitated Trauma Therapy and HEAL - and will also include naturalistic observations of horse herds, a literature review on horse interactions and relationships, as well as a study about the impact of a specific type of horsemanship activities on therapy horses with and without a history of trauma.