The Therapeutic Power of Stallions – Epona Domengès

Epona will share her experience as a stallions’ herdswoman as well as an equine assisted therapist. She will point out the specificities of stallions, among all characteristics and needs of horses in general on a holistic level. And she will explain how to proceed to have stallions together as a herd, what are the rituals they go through when they first meet, and what is their social life once they’ve reached an equilibrium. Consequently, she will explain what qualities stallions require from humans in order to establish a healthy relationship with them. She will also share why freedom and well-balance for horses, herself and her clients is fundamental in her work as an equine assisted psychotherapist. Eventually, she will develop how stallions can contribute greatly in equine assisted therapy.


Incorporating Equine Assisted Therapy Into an Integrative Model of Practice – Christine Fairweather

This presentation came about through three three separate areas of inquiry: Her lead-in was an attempt to understand why working with horses is more potent than working with other species (such as mice). This curiosity was further reinforced while reviewing research papers on EAP, when she noticed the sheer number of different ways people were doing this work, and wondered if it was possible to codify the field into a common language – potentially the language of integrative counselling – to explain what each approach is doing more easily. And finally, she was interested in whether or not EAP was a modality in its own right, or simply used as an adjunct to support another kind of therapy. Christine will share about the unique qualities and dynamics that horses bring to the equation and how they answer these three lines of inquiry, which differentiates equine assisted therapy from all other approaches.


Speaker Panel

The symposium will conclude with a moderated speakers’ panel, where select questions from the audience, gathered within the three days of presentations, will be presented and discussed by Felicia Katarina Lundgren, Sarah Schlote, Angela Dunning and Susanne Weis. The panel will be moderated by Ilka Parent.