TanyaTanya H. Bevilacqua -US

 Tanya H. Bevilacqua, MBA, Practitioner and Certified Teacher Candidate for The Alexander Technique, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner, Ride Right Specialist Fitness Instructor and Sports Psychology Mentor in the Ride Right Program has been an active rider for 37+ years. About 10 years ago, she found herself struggling with what she later learned to be biomechanical body issues that were hindering her ability to progress in her riding. Then, through a horse related accident three summers ago requiring surgery and recovery and recent surgery to remove an Acoustic Neuroma (benign tumor) from her brain, she learned how critical rider fitness and balance is when trying to ride to one’s best ability. She now has a firsthand understanding of how human and horse balance is attained since she had to deeply understand what true balance is and retrain it into her body.

Wanting to understand balance and biomechanics to the deepest level, Tanya became a student of The Alexander Technique and studied for a year under Wendy Salkind. Seeing the immense benefit to her and her horses, she began school in the fall of 2015 to become a certified instructor. She is excited to share her knowledge with riders through her company Mindfully Mounted & Fit so that their relationship with their horse can be less frustrating and more fulfilling. Mindfully Mounted and Fit is about finding the physical and/or emotional mindful-ness and awareness in ourselves, then applying it to our lives so it flows into all aspects of our lives, particularly our riding lives.

When she is not getting schooled in The Alexander Technique, Tanya teaches equestrians and horses classical riding based on the principles of The Alexander Technique. She also teaches non-equestrians with special interest in those with balance and neurological conditions. For horses, she works with those lacking balance and needing emotional assistance. This includes rescues and therapy horses.

Tanya also loves to compete. In particular, Eventing is her sport of choice. Tanya has competed in Eventing with her mare Honorable Judge at Training level including completing a 3-Day Event. She continues to learn via continuing education, which has included years of instruction from Kim Walnes and Sally Cousins, and with additional work with Sarah Wengernuk, Wendy Salkind and Jimmy Wofford. She has also completed the rider fitness and sports psychology portion of Daniel Stewart’s Ride Right program. Her lessons are infused with awareness and biomechanics of horse and rider. All of which are applicable for all sports and rider levels. She is available for Alexander Technique lessons, clinics, riding lessons, horse rehabilitation, personal training sessions plus horse training. You can contact her at 717-991-7833 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..