Vanessa lee JonesVanessa Lee-Jones – France

Vanessa and her mother, Wanda Lee-Jones, are a mother-daughter team based in the south of France. Vanessa is the current president of l’Association Vivre à Plein Temps (“living life to the fullest”), which was founded by her mother in 2002 and specializes in animal-assisted education. She is a certified animal behaviorist, a licensed partner of the HorseDream® approach, a member of the European Association for Horse-Assisted Education (EAHAE), board member and accreditation committee member of SynPAAC (professional animal-assisted education syndicate). Combined with her mother, they have over 20 years’ experience in animal training for the movie industry, as well as nearly 15 years’ experience helping people live better with themselves and with others through animal-assisted education. As a sideline, they have a PRE stud service. and