The topics will range from perspectives who recognize equines as sentient beings deserving of having choice and a voice to programs who see and work with them as an extension of their models. A range of contrasting, complementary and contradictory views will be presented, providing a snapshot of the diversity in the field, allowing for different perspectives to be introduced and presented.

Day One focuses on exploring equines in depth, taking into consideration biological, cognitive, psychophysiological and behavioral traits and dynamics.

Day Two focuses on exploring equine welfare in equine interaction programs.

At times, there are so many applications that an Optional Third Day is being offered, which continues to focus on equine welfare in equine interaction programs.

At the end of this event, participants may leave with more questions than answers. However, it is our intention that they will also come away with more information, new ideas, expanded awareness and perceptions, leads for different approaches they may be interested in pursuing further training in, and hopefully a deeper and more nuanced appreciation for equines, their needs, and the depth of their contributions in therapy and learning programs.

Speakers do not get compensated for their engagements. Proceeds from both the symposiums as well as the compendiums go directly towards the research fund. No person involved in the symposium receives compensation for their contribution, including the organizers, hosts, involved organizations and/or speakers.